Welcome to CelerX Gaming SDK developer doc! By integrating with CelerX Gaming SDK, you can transform your game into a multiplayer competitive game with as few as two lines of code. Moreover, building upon Celer Network's advanced Layer-2 technology, CelerX Gaming SDK also provides you with the power of blockchain by supporting automated fraud detection for your game, even with ZERO blockchain development experience.

Currently, we provides SDK for HTML5 games, native iOS games and Unity games. The support for native Android games and more game engines (e.g., Cocos2d-x) is coming very soon.

Integration Steps

Here is a high-level overview of the integration steps for CelerX Gaming SDK.

  • Have your vanilla game ready.

  • Download CelerX Gaming SDK and integrate it with your game by following this doc.

  • Test and submit your game

    • For HTML5 games, the game is tested and submitted in the CelerX Developer Portal

    • For native games, the game is submitted to the Apple Store or any other app distribution channel

Start the integration now by choosing the best development platform that suits your needs on the sidebar.

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