Unity - iOS Integration Guide

This doc introduce the integration steps for Unity games with export to iOS platform.


  • Unity (game engine)

  • Visual Studio (IDE)

  • C# (logic)

  • required: Xcode

Install Unity

Unity Version: 2019.3.6f1

Install Unity Modules In Unity Hub:

Import CelerX iOS Plugin

  • Download zip file and place everything into plugin/ios folder in your unity project

  • Drop the CelerUnityBridge.cs file anywhere in your workspace, that will be your briging file that communicates with Celer Game Sdk

Export Your Project

  • In most cases, unity will embed every depedencies with your project, if not, go head and embed everything in the framework/plugin/ios folder, but with one exception

  • Change Celersdk.framework to Do not embed (or Link for older versions of xcode)

Extra Setup

-- You can either setup your permissions in with your unilty plugin, or modify the iOS project exported by the Unity project


Unfornunately, you will have to disable bitcode if your are using Unity version 2019.3.6f1 or above. Since newer versions of unity have bitcode enabled by default.

Disable bitcode in the exported xcode project

Integrate CelerX APIs (C#)


Give a welcome scene in your game. Call launchCelerXUI API in welcome scene script while start game button be triggered.

SetDelegate(ICelerXMatchListener callback)

set listener to you game life cycle

public class MatchInfo
    public string shouldLaunchTutorial;
    public string matchId;
    public double sharedRandomSeed;
    public GamePlayer currentPlayer;
    public List<GamePlayer> players;

public class GamePlayer
    public string playerId;
    public string fullName;
    public string playIndex;


If game has been loaded and game rendering was finished, developers must call ready function to confirm game can be start, then CelerX will show a ready button in match view for player.

public interface ICelerXMatchListener
     * This Function will be callback to C sharp after CelerX platform has match player finishing.
       Developers can get any match information from param `MatchInfo`, such as players information and sharedRandomSeed. Developers must give ui rendering in this callback.
    void onMatchJoined(MatchInfo mathInfo);

     * Calling after player clicking ready button and CelerX platform confirmed everything is ready, game can start now.
    void onMatchReadyToStart();

onMatchJoined(MatchInfo mathInfo)

This is when a match is generated for the game, use the random seed to generate your level and preload your game, when you game has been loaded, call CelerUnityBridge.LevelLoaded() to notify the sak


This method will be called when "Ready" button has been clicked and CelerX has confirmed that everything is ready, It indicates that game can start now. Users will see your game scene here. Put your game start logics here.


When the game is over, call this API to submit final score to CelerX platform

Sequence Diagram


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